Dial-In Telephone Dictation

Phone-In Dictation Line

Don’t worry if you do not have any voice recording equipment; for people who do not have any sound recording capabilities then we offer a dedicated UK dial-in telephone dictation line. Simply dial 08432 898338 read out what you would like typing up and when you hang up our typists will automatically be emailed the recording as a sound file.

Please tell us the turnaround period you desire and also remember to leave us your mobile number in case we have any problems.

This is a dedicated simple 24hr dial-in telephone dictations line, allowing you to dictate work to us at any time of night or day from anywhere in the world.

If the turnaround time is not mentioned then it will default to the Regular/Standard (two business days) – £1.10 per recorded audio minute turnaround period. This option ensures you get your files back by the second business day. For example if the call duration is 15 minutes then the cost will be £16.50, (which takes the typist around four times as long as the call lasts to type up).

The files will be emailed to your desired email address as a word document, unless otherwise indicated.

(Calls to this number cost from 20p per minute, dependant upon the telephone provider you use, (including mobile providers), and there may add an additional access charge).

If calling from outside UK then please dial +44 8432 898338.



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