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Great Britain isn't just okay, it is really great, especially with transcription services like XS Typing

Online Transcription Digital Dictation Audio Typing Service


At XS Typing we offer an easy to use, speedy online transcription service that will give you the fastest results with the least amount of fuss.  Wherever you are in the world you can access our online digital audio typing services.  We’ll type up dialogue from audio files, video presentations and webcasts.

Get your documents back overnight depending on where you are in the world e.g. Canada, the U.S. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand with our quick high quality service.

We promise an absolutely confidential and secure service ideal for transcribing court hearings, board meetings and interviews.

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Send us your audio files
To start using our audio transcription services you need to upload your file(s) to our secure file transfer system.  We accept most audio and video file formats including dss, wav, mp3, msv and dvf.  Follow the instructions in our online file upload centre. Please specify any time constrictions and choose a price plan.

2. We type it up.
Our professional typists will transcribe the audio clips into whatever format you require e.g. Word, Excel or a web based program specific to you.  All our transcriptionists are native English speakers with the highest command of grammar and syntax with proven typing accuracy.

3. You receive your completed documents.
Once we’ve completed the digital audio transcription we’ll make the finished documents available to you. Tell us how you’d like to receive them; either through our encrypted download facility or emailed to you as a Word document.

How long will it take?

We offer a number of turnaround times for delivery with the standard length being 48 hours. If you don’t specify any time limit or price plan in particular we’ll assume you need the standard package.

To see the full range of delivery times please check our pricing & payments page.


Standard digital audio typing is charged at £1.10 per audio minute based on a 48 hour turnaround time.  Alternatively you can save even more money with our economy package whilst quicker turnaround times cost more.  Please see our pricing & payments page for details of these and other offers.

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