Digital Dictation Transcription Service

Great Britain isn't just okay, it is really great, especially with transcription services like XS Typing

Online Digital Dictation Service Audio Transcription

Typing up transcript from digital audio sound files into Word, Excel or even your own web based software package.  High quality digital online UK transcription services offered to a variety of industries within a diverse range of applications, formatted to your requirements, using your own document templates if desired.

Simply upload your voice file securely via our encrypted file transfer system on the upload page to our pool of on-line transcriptionists, (we accept most sound files to include dss, wav, mp3, msv, dvf etc), decide on the desired turnaround period and we will do the rest.

If you have not advised us which turnaround time you require when you have uploaded your voice-file to us then we will assume the regular 48hr turnaround time is required, chargeable at £1.10 per audio minute.  Please see our transcription charges page for details of other turnaround times, rates and conditions.

[As a general rule of thumb it takes four times longer than the audio file to type it up, ie. fifteen minutes of audio will take an hour to type].

Once typed up by our digital transcription audio typist the completed documents can be downloaded from our encrypted download facility or returned to you in whichever other manner you choose.  We find that the majority of people have a preference to have the typed up version emailed back to them as a word document.

Upon being checked over by yourselves, documents can be printed out and posted if you require.

We are able to accept files from you via FTP, posted CD or DVD or on a memory stick by prior arrangement only.

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