Transcription Services

XSTyping is a UK based online typing and transcription service where you can upload your file and pay with PayPal

Transcription Services :

Digital Audio Dictation Services

Our online Secretaries type the spoken words you have recorded onto the newer style Dictaphones, (these no longer use mini or micro tapes) into Microsoft Word.  Voice files can instead be recorded onto the memory stored within the device and uploaded via USB cable to our online transcribers for typing via our file upload page, you are then emailed back the transcribed version.

Phone-In Dictation Line

Call us on our dedicated phone-in dictation line on 08432 898338 and dictate your work to us over the telephone (please avoid using it via your speakerphone as this will distort the sound quality).   When you have finished the call our transcriptionists will be alerted via email instantly so they can access the digital telephone recording and carry out your instructions accordingly.

We do not charge a fee for using the 24 hour recording line although you will incur usage charges for making the call from your telephone provider.  (Calls to this number cost 10p per minute and the telephone provider, (including mobile providers), may add an additional access charge).

The costs of transcription services via the dial-in service are no different, they are charged at the same rates as the digital dictation service.

Digital Audio Typing Transcripts

Typing documents from recordings made onto micro and mini cassettes into Word, prices charged are per audio minute.  The costs for analogue transcriptions are the same as digital, please see our transcription rates for turnaround times and fees charged.

Copy Typing Services

Have you got a document which has previously been typed up but you need it reproducing as a Word document.  We can be faxed it over on 0843 5240179. Or scanned copies can be emailed to us at

Have you penned a book and would like it typed out?  We can type it up for you.

Are you requiring secretarial services without any commitment, perhaps you just need a few letters typed out and formatted?  We can type them up for you.

Copy typing is charged from £10.00 per thousand words (pro rata).

Bespoke Custom Transcriptions

We are here to help, just ask …


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