Podcast Transcription Service


Our team of highly trained professional transcribers manually type up everything that is said in the podcast or movie clip/video recording using specialist audio typing equipment, providing you with the transcript of all the dialogue as an editable MS Word document.

Using a foot pedal to go back and forth, our transcribers always try to catch the difficult words, often researching the internet in order to produce the most accurate word perfect transcripts they can.

If there is more than one person speaking or it is an interview/conversation we clearly segregate the lines or passages by each speaker involved ensuring the transcripts are easy to read.

Prices are charged according to the duration of the podcast/video at a cost of £1.10 per audio minute.  Therefore, if the podcast or video clip is 30 minutes long you will be charged £33 at our regular two business turnaround rate.  If you are not in a rush then you may want to bring the price down by using our economy service which is five working days at a cost of 90p per audio minute, or if you are in a hurry then we offer a next day service at £1.30 per audio minute.  We are committed to maximum transparency with our transcription clients, which is why we publish our transcription prices and have no hidden fees.

To proceed simply upload your podcast or movie file to us via our File Upload page and let us know which turnaround time you wish to opt for.

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