Interview Transcriptions

Not only do we type verbatim interviews, meetings, presentations, conversations, student dissertations from voice to text.

Interview Transcriptions

XS Typing Ltd offers an affordable online interview transcription service, providing you with a true word-for-word document of recorded interviews, meetings, conversations, discussions, etc.

To ensure clarity, speakers are identified separately and you are presented with an accurate representation of each speaker’s words typed up as an editable word document from the recorded version we transcribe via video or audio or cassette¬†to text.

Our high quality online digital transcribers have impeccable grammar skills to ensure professionalism and accuracy and are able to transcribe your audio in many different formats to suit your needs.

We have transcribed many interviews, meetings etc covering a broad range of topics for journalists, researchers, reporters etc involved in a diverse range of industries including media, business, corporate, legal, academic research transcription, court hearing transcripts and more.

We offer different turnaround times to suit your needs and provide you with upfront competitive transcription rates.

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