File Upload Centre

File Upload Centre

Whether you require your documents back in 2 days or just 4 hours, our UK digital transcription company has got the answer for all your requirements.

Our purposely designed encrypted upload facility has been created to accept large sound files from anywhere in the world, arriving directly to our audio secretaries secure workflow area without the hassle of downloading any software.

Simply upload your digital audio files directly to our verbatim transcription typists via the cable that came with your device or from your computer, CD, DVD or memory stick and select your desired turnaround time.

Enter your e-mail address, press on the “proceed to upload” button attach your file or files.  A box will then appear to enter any comments please ensure to enter a mobile or contact number to assist us if we have any queries and press on the button to proceed.  Press on the “select files” button to attach your desired files and then press on the “upload” button.  Whilst uploading your voice files you can still use your computer, but you will be required to keep the window open until the file upload is completed.  You will receive an email confirmation once the files have been successfully uploaded.

If you are having problems uploading your files to us online then we have a large capacity email acceptance system allowing email attachments under 10MB to us at although please note that that sending files by email is less secure.

Once the audio transcriptions have been typed, they can either be emailed directly back to you or you can download them directly yourself from our online secure data transfer centre if you prefer.

Confidentiality Agreements

We consider confidentiality to be of the upmost importance and treat all supplied information, data and audio files of a highly sensitive and confidential nature.

Our confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed but we are happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or Privacy Policy document as supplied by yourself.

Formal Confidentiality Agreements can be supplied upon request if required.

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