Online Digital Audio Transcription Service, London and Leeds UK

XS Typing Ltd offers high quality, fast turnaround internet based typist services at low prices to clients throughout the UK and the English speaking world. Based in London and Leeds, our 100% native mother-tongue English speaking staff transcribe digital voice files, video presentations, webcasts, and any other recorded audio or video for corporate transcripts, legal transcriptions, financial typing, focus groups transcribed and many other areas. We also provide over-the-phone digital voice recording, audio typing from hand-held dictaphone devices, word processing and secretarial services.

As a professional transcription company from UK , We offer accurate Dictaphone typing services for the conversion of your oral correspondence into text, we transcribe documents, audio surveys, dictated reports, seminars and meetings’ minutes from the digital recordings you download from your record-able device, portable dictation machine or CD-ROM.  Simply upload your digital sound file (.dss, .wav, .mp3, .msv, .trm, .dvf, .mpg, .bwf, .wmv, .wma etc.) to our professional online typing transcribers, choose your desired turnaround time, and we will take care of the rest!

For those people who do not have any sound recording capabilities at hand, we offer a convenient dedicated UK transcription dial-in dictation line.  Simply dial 08432 898338 and read into the phone what you would like typed-up. When you hang-up the recording will be automatically assigned to a transcriptionist who will be instantly alerted by email that your audio file is waiting. Pay by the audio minute for everything you say into the phone, to be then transcribed and formatted into a MSWord or text document file.

Our specialty is in transcribing the spoken word into text. We offer competitive audio and voice transcription rates by the audio minute. We also offer an online copy typing service whereby you can email us at, send us scanned copies of your work, or you can fax it to us at 0113 320 1262, and receive a copy via email promptly electronically reproduced into Microsoft Word.

English Mother-Tongue Dictaphone Transcribers

Whilst we cannot always compete with worldwide transcription companies which are based in countries that have cheaper labour costs, we know that price isn’t everything. Quality service and error-checked transcriptions matter more.  When you use our internet-based audio transcription services you can rest assured your work will be completed to the highest possible standards by our fast and accurate audio typists, regardless of any issues with regional accents, dialects or speaker nuances we have to deal with.

International Transcriptionist Services

Because our digital transcription business is primarily online, our online transcription customers can be based anywhere in the world and can simply upload their digitally dictated files to our website. Why not benefit from the differences between time-zones and have your evening work sent to us during our day-time?  Especially if you live and work in Canada, the U.S. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, all these countries have time zones where we can be working while your business sleeps. That is how our online business transcription services can best fit with your global business needs.

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